third question: in analysing past decisions: honestly, i haven't got time. i've been there before (when it was relevant to do so), and, given the information i've learned in particular from Michael Newton's book, "Journey of Souls" it serves no useful purpose to me to go over the past (again) - i've given one example and i'm going to leave it at that. Part 2: the whole question serves no real useful purpose for me (which is why i didn't even include it in an answer). would I use the guide i've written? in its various forms (i only became aware of these forms very recently) i have already been using them, so why would I do that again, spending my valuable time in the process? no thanks: i'm too busy, right here, right now. i have some specific goals that need to be achieved: i am running the process/guide (and more), at every moment of my life. i don't have to think about it: the only reason i'm on this course and am writing that guide is because i am looking for like-minded people (who will recognise the words and why they're up). this is why everything has to be public, for me: anything else (private communications about these and many other issues) is genuinely wasting my time. i have too much to do: i need help. i'm not going to get that by having private conversations with people, or by reflecting on the past (except where doing so, publicly, can be justified as part of aiding and assisting in the development and achievement of one or more current goals).