I was asked a question about the seven words, and this was my response:

the 7 words are a process that we use all the time - consciously or not. for example: in asking me the question "could you elaborate on the 7 words" you seek CLARIFICATION. you have DISCERNED that you do not have a COHERENT understanding (of the 7 words).

... the rest of the words will fit in there as well :)

so in other words, by being aware that the 7 words fit pretty much every enquiry and are day-to-day, moment-to-moment part of the process by which we seek goals, information and knowledge, we have a tool (the 7 words themselves) by which we can analyse and potentially improve that process itself.

so that was my response at the time. with some thought, i realised that awareness is not necessarily something that's automatic. awareness is a feedback loop. it's interesting to me to note that the Bill of Ethics excludes those beings that are both not self-aware or aware of their awareness. the distinction is very important: the first time round the loop we are aware of ourselves. the second time round the loop we are aware of our awareness of ourselves. it's probably best not to go round the loop too many times :)

but if you are not familiar with this, it's a good idea to just look in a mirror, and then make the reflection onto yourself even when your eyes are closed. hold that picture: internalise it. that's awareness of yourself. funnily enough, there's an epistemological application here, and that's really why i mentioned that epistemology is a tool. but, it only works as a useful tool - in this context - once you apply it... to yourself.