hiya jeremy, interesting question! honestly, after seeing the "Map / Scale of Consciousness" - the one where shame is given a "1" at the bottom, and it goes up to "neutral" at 250, then "reason" is given something like a 350, peace and joy are soemwhere around the 500 to 600, and christ consciousness 1000 (it's a logarithmic scale), i don't hold any more to the notions / importance of what's intellectual and what's spiritual. the scale of consciousness helps me to assess reactions (including my own). or, at least, to be comfortable with them :) i remember sarah discussing this about five years ago now, in the context of the term "spiritual bypass", which was where people got their spiritual sxxx together but ignored the fundamentals... not really very practical, ehn? :) someone who is spiritual is intelligent, and uses their intellect to good effect.