Prompt 2

As many of you have realized, success defined by other people is hollow. The only real satisfaction is achieving what we wanted ourselves. There is no external authority to life’s deepest desires.

There are so many choices in life, so many directions. But when you know your purpose, you have direction. Decisions are so much easier because you already have clarity on where you want to go.

The only question is how to get there. Once you have it, you live your life with so much more clarity and power.

Society has so many "shoulds". A house. A career. A marriage. When we reject those external validators of success and start looking for your own purpose, it’s easy to fall into believing another, equally powerful, list of "shoulds". You "should" do something good for the world. You "should" sacrifice yourself for the common good. You "should" donate to causes you care about. The point here isn’t that those are inherently wrong. It’s that it should come from within you.


Read this entire Brain Pickings article here. Brain Pickings is a wonderful resource and you’ll find yourself enriched by following any of the links that intrigue you.

What is the voice "in here" calling you to do? It continues to whisper as you evolve, asking new things of you. The only way to listen to what life intends to do with you is to listen in.

A good way to hear that voice is prayer or meditation (Extra resources: guided meditations are easily found on Youtube. Ken Wilbur discusses different forms of meditation WARNING FROM lkcl: ACTIVE FORMS OF MEDITATION, ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT ADVISE TO THINK OF GOD DURING ACTIVITY, ARE DANGEROUS).


Another way to understand our purpose is to understand our own story. Joseph Campbell talks about the hero's journey as the pathway of listening to the demands of your spiritual and heart life, living to your highest consciousness. Campbell says "In the cave you fear to enter is the treasure you seek."

Your job as a GameChanger is to tell a different story. Where there is a bad story, a Gamechanger tells a different story and changes reality. He/she doesn’t blame or existing story, he/she just tells a better story and invites others into others to join the new narrative as it’s being created.


Joseph Campbell talks about those who unconscious and unreflective lives: "The person has put himself off-center; he has aligned himself with a programmatic life, and it's not the one the body's interested in at all. And the world’s full of people who have stopped listening to themselves." Again, the point is to listen in and let your life speak through you.

This week’s assignment comes in two parts:

(1) write your story.

Your entire life, leading until now, has been a hero's journey to live the soul's high adventure. In doing so, you must enter the cave and encounter the dragon within you.

When you listen to yourself, what do you hear? If you were to write a better story of yourself, what would it be?

Some things to think about in writing a powerful story:

  • A story is a character, who wants something, and overcomes conflict to get it. Through that experience, their character is revealed.
  • Is there a place for others to join you in your narrative? Does the listener feel a soul-to-soul connection to your story?
  • An idea: transforming your deepest need into a gift for the world is where your inner purpose is revealed.
  • At some point we'll talk about momento mori. But the top 5 regrets of the dying may be worth sharing here. What is the story that others will tell about you when you die?

The point, of course, isn't just to write a good story, but to live it. The second part of the homework is to:

(2) edit your story.

Going forward, how can you change your narrative to make your story better, more powerful, more in tune with your inner purpose?

Due date

Assignment due Tuesday midnight.

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