Books that need to be read before fully understanding this story

  • Michael Newton: Journey of Souls absolutely essential reading. Without reading this one book before reading this story, the entire story will be completely irrelevant and will make no sense whatsoever. Michael's book is referenced approximately ten times.
  • Professor Yunus: Creating a World Without Poverty
  • Sarah McCrum: Love Money - Money Loves You
  • Invisible Dynamics
  • Elizabeth Haich: Initiation (ISBN 978-0943358505)
  • The Other Side of Innovation
  • Senator Ron Paul's "End the Fed" (then look up "bitcoin" and "blockchain")
  • Pretty much any Dilbert cartoon.
  • The film / documentary about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs


This is a story about an advanced soul - a long-lived Angel with a renegade attitude - learning that it's okay to tell their story publicly, and even learning as it's written what their story is, whilst still being alive in this lifetime. You might call the story a tragedy, you might not believe that it's a true story; you might say it's complete nonsense: I don't care (I don't judge, dismiss or criticise your subjective internal life experience, so in return I don't expect you to judge mine). All I know is: it feels right, and, even if it's not true, it helps me to justify what I'm doing. Most importantly of all: in retrospect, from the four and a half hour "automatic writing" session that spawned this review of my human life this time around and the subsequent updates and additions, I can say that I now know how to identify those people within my primary and secondary Soul Groups (cf Michael Newton). They're the misfits with a heart of gold: the geniuses who shouldn't be where they are, but stick it out anyway, despite the stress and challenges. How many people can say that they're consciously aware of how to instantly recognise and identify the hundred people who are literally spread out across an entire planet of billions?

A Story

Imagine being a whooping, screaming, joyous and highly irresponsible Angel: a perpetual teenager, except tens of thousands of years old having lived hundreds of "real" lives on "real" planets across the Universe. Imagine being able to feel like you're falling into and then through a planet to see what's inside it. Imagine being able to do that absolutely anywhere in any galaxy. Now imagine trying that with black holes (hint: don't) and then trying it with stars, only to find that they're conscious (and have a tiny black hole at their core), and aren't too keen on random Angels diving into their territory, because it happens to be part of their mind.

Imagine that just to get near them without being completely destroyed and having your soul squashed irrevocably flat requires centuries of careful exploration and research, just so that you and your friends can enjoy the sport of visiting, communicating with and occasionally pissing off the near-eternal conscious beings that humans call "Stars". That those Angels who view your actions as utterly irresponsible if not flat-out completely off-the-charts bonkers, give you the nickname, "Stardiver".

Now imagine that this knowledge, learned with careful experimentation, actually turns out to be useful, and that you and your friends, having learned how to live (and, contrary to what you may have learned from Michael Newton's book, develop within the consciousness field and gravitational field of Stars), are called on to solve a particularly vexing problem. The problem is that there's a rather large (enormous) asteroid which, on an extremely shallow angle, is going to eclipse the light of a sun for about 800 years, causing the death of billions of present and future beings due to lack of light, but also that the asteriod itself cannot be broken up because it's scheduled (in a few millenia give or take a billenia) to arrive in another star system and, thanks to its eclectic journey, seed new life there. It's far too big to move, and it actually needs the shallow journey near this current Sun to warm it up a bit and start the process that will result in life... we're screwed if we do, and screwed if we don't.

So my friends (thousands of us) were asked, along with a rather young, still playful and (by their species measure of time) inexperienced 100,000 year old "Gas-giant-like" being to work together to effectively become the Universe's most powerful parallel living hyper-computer ever assembled, to have the power to literally bend light and gravity around this enormous asteroid, whilst also being responsible for computing the light-fall and star's gravitational effects on the asteroid and re-creating it so that the asteroid's potential for life on its future journey remains viable. This light and gravitational bending task, bear in mind, we had to sustain for eight hundred years, adapting and reconfiguring to give the impression that the entire asteroid, well.. err.. wasn't actually there (as far as the beings on the planets around the sun in question were concerned).

Of course we could not resist the opportunity to "show off" - who wouldn't. We found that we could literally create anything we wanted: so to keep ourselves from going completely stark-raving bored out of our tiny minds we held "Creation" competitions (as long as they didn't interfere with our task). We had that power, and it was only our sense of responsibility and duty (that and there were some rather Serious Heavy-duty Guardian Angels keeping an eye on us) that stopped us from going off the rails and going on a "spending spree", shall we say. Our souls were part-anchored in the 3D realm thanks to our experience with the Star-diving Research and with the help of the Gas-giant-like being, and yet were still part-anchored in the Spirit Realm so that we could communicate effectively and coherently (and, so that the Guardians could witness, learn, guide and if necessary slap us about a bit if we got out of line). It was the most complex, longest-running and most ambitious project ever undertaken at the time, and in an infinite universe that's really saying something.

Now imagine that there are two extremely highly regarded and advanced Angels who see you and your friends having fun in ways that they consider are "beneath them", that they cannot participate because they weren't invited. That many of their "following" were invited (or simply invited themselves). Angels are nothing more than "advanced and coherent souls". If you've read Michael Newton's book, "Journey of Souls", you'll also know that Souls cannot (normally) develop in between lives. Part of the reason why I spent time researching "Star Diving" was to find out if the physics of stars is sufficiently different such that even Angels may develop within their radically-compressed gravitational, electro-magnetic and chemical sphere of influence (answer: they can, but it's extremely risky).

What people do not generally know about Angels is: they can regress (and they can even be killed - actually... worse than killed). It takes a special kind of energy pattern for a soul to sustain its "field integrity". Jealousy or other emotions can result in transmission of energy out of that soul, and can cause it to lose coherence. When those two advanced Angels became jealous of what I and my friends were doing, they lost coherence. Their only course of action in order to retain coherence: immediate birth on the most suitable planet that resonated with their specific "emotion" and would allow them the experience to "fix" their self-inflicted problem, which we happen to name "Earth" here on... err... Earth.

The names these two took on Earth: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. By the time their disappearance was noticed, it was several years late: in contacting their hastily-assigned Spirit Guides (see Journey of Souls) we learned that the disruption that these two were likely to create at a critical point in Earth's technological development was likely to be extreme. That their advanced nature would pretty much guarantee that they would quickly become extremely influential, and, as a result, their jealousy and anger at having to become human would have ramifications way beyond that which would normally occur with any other soul. People would love them and respect them, because they could feel instinctively that both Steve and Bill have something that they don't, but that those same people would push themselves beyond reasonable human limits to gain their love, trust and respect, only to have their faith smashed against the rocks through Bill and Steve's utterly (and literally alien) complete and total lack of understanding and respect for humanity as a whole. Multiply that by millions to hundreds of millions of people, and the potential for harm is just too big to be left unchecked. Witness Bill's recent efforts to donate 150,000 chickens through the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation to a first world country in Eastern Europe, and many other subtly misguided and extremely dangerous initiatives (including trying to "solve" Malaria).

Given that they've lived lives on planets other than Earth, and that they have lived as beings far more advanced and complex than the Human mind, these are not souls who truly understand humanity, yet they were forced to live amongst us for a time. In their eyes, the human mind is a severe downgrade for them, but it was the human-like emotions of jealousy and anger that caused them to lose coherence in the Spirit Realm, so it is as humans that they must live lives. Steve has left: Bill is still here. As we've seen now clearly through the eyes of two high-profile Biographical feature-length films, towards the end of his life, Steve began to finally realise that he was having a detrimental influence on those around him, and began, as best he could, to make amends. But he longed to be back amongst the stars, for his entire life, and, like almost every soul on the planet, he was not permitted to know why (Journey of Souls: every soul is given a memory-wipe before being born, and is only permitted to remember key "trigger" points).

So, we may view this in a couple of ways. We may say that the damage caused by the introduction of the Windows OS, along with the resultant monoculture in Computing, and now the rise of Apple in taking over completely inappropriate aspects of people's lives (Tim Cook "we did it to ourselves"), is entirely my fault. Or, we could say that the benefits of the globalisation brought about by modern computing far outweighs the down-sides, and that these two people were mostly responsible for driving that incredible revolution that has brought us so much. Personally I would say that anything which is driven exlusively by profit with blatant disregard for humanity, resulting in massive botnets being used to suppress freedom of speech, cannot be ethical, but that neither Steve nor Bill created Capitalism: that has been something that humanity has created, so it is humanity that has set the stage for this phase, with the opportunity for key lessons to be learned. So no: I will not accept that I caused this disaster, but I do accept that I have the discernment, the knowledge, the skill and the capacity to change the game, and, by using the current system, to change it from within... if humanity will accept the opportunity that I present them.

Just Before 1970

So I and my friends - thousands of them throughout the Universe - had to make some rapid decisions, in some cases altering the existing planned lives of people who had previously committed to a different life lesson. Yes, under extremely unusual circumstances this can be done, with "live" consultation and permission from the souls who are already living out their lives on earth. and these circumstances qualified as "Most Unusual".

In talking to Sarah about Michael's book, she consulted with someone called Ian, who in turn has the ability to consult with advanced beings and Angels, from whom they learned that there is a whopping fifty percent of Earth's population on "Karmic Holiday". This percentage does not make sense until you appreciate that it's there as a buffer for "Unusual Circumstances" where a life (or many lives) don't quite go according to plan. Those people who are just here on "Holiday" can therefore be called upon (part of the conditions of allowing them to be on "Karmic Holiday") so that those people who have to undergo specific "unscheduled" life-lessons may do so.

For myself, my Spirit Guide and myself, in consultation with a lot of people, involving a hell of a lot of careful negotiation for the ongoing consequences, picked people whom I had had as parents before, so the situation was not completely unfamiliar. (For all of us, though, the available "buffer" of "Karmic Holiday Souls" was stretched - strained - to breaking point).

We didn't have a lot of time: normally a soul's journey is planned meticulously and carefully. A few of us went in early (with as simple a life-plan as possible): others went later when it would be less disruptive. My early life was "templated" (copied) from a combination of prior planned lifetimes with people that I knew well (see Journey of Souls "Viewing Room"). It would be 1988 before I read an old copy of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, and was stunned to find that my entire early years were near-identical to that of Wolfgang von Goethe, including "having a crush on one of the serving girls at boarding school", as well as having a "strict father", amongst other fascinating parallel details that have since been completely removed from the more modern published versions of Encyclopedia Brittanica.

Now, the thing is: thinking about this retrospectively, a "normal" use of the "Viewing Room" covers a single person, showing them what their life is to be like, in direct consultation with them and them alone (and your assigned Spirit Guide). This time, the consensus amongst thousands of Spirit Guides was that the rules had to be bent and in some cases broken: there simply wasn't time.

This situation is almost completely unprecedented: one of the only other times in recent human spiritual-development history is when Adolf Hitler (a first-lifer) and his close soul group managed to completely pull the wool over absolutely everbody's eyes (including dozens of Spirit Guides), to create the perfect "Cover Story" - unwittingly without their assigned Spirit Guides knowledge - and yet somehow remember their actual plan (despite the "Memory Wipe") when they were born. Although I don't personally know the details, you can imagine that the investigation was, shall we say, "Most Thorough".

But that's not really the main reason for mentioning this: it's that World War II was the only other main time in recent history where people's planned lives were completely thrown into chaos, with the resultant consequence that the normal privacy rules for the "Viewing Room" had to be suspended indefinitely, in favour of extensive group consultation. Not even the First World War had to have that happen, as the events leading up to that World War were inevitable, planned, predictable and, ultimately, collectively both desired and consented to as part of humanity's collective spiritual development.

I'd like to be able to say reassuring words, here, that none of us involved will ever remember the details of the lives we had to review, collectively, in a group. I can't do that, because I'm living this life, and, as a result, have had a memory-wipe just like anyone else does. But, given that I am describing this to you, clearly I am recalling - or being permitted to recall - certain relevant details. How many more will I be allowed to recall? I don't know! It's an interesting ethical situation - one that I will be making absolutely sure that I do my utmost to keep to the Bill of Ethics.

1970 to 1996

I'll be absolutely honest with you: my early "life" hasn't been a lot of fun. My father was an alcoholic until aged 25 (a pattern that I came close to replicating, after enjoying spirits at University - an enjoyment that ended stone-cold abruptly after taking three days to recover from an evening out). My father is still a con-artist, having embezzled hundreds of thousands of pounds from family members over almost thirty years. However it was his sister who saved his life when he was 25, after his mother died, by inviting him to come along to meet this "Guru guy" called "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi" in the mid 1960s. He and my mother both took the same TM Teacher Training course, and that's how they met. My parents have a picture of me, six months old, with Maharishi. My mum told me that I gave Maharisi what (in my own words) can only be best described as "a 10,000 year old stare".

So you'd think that two parents who had trained as Transcendental Meditation Teachers would be able to bring up their children in a happy environment, but you have to bear in mind that both parents' actual planned lives - with a subsequent knock-on effect for both of them and the souls who were to be born to other parents (who joined me as brothers and sisters) and those who were not, and the timing associated with the previously-planned lives and the children that they were planning to have at specific times... the complexity of the cascade of disruption was unprecedented in its scale and effect, but the disruption was considered to be worth it, compared to the damage that could be (and, as it turns out has been) done by Steve and Bill, in the upcoming Capitalist Age under the influence of both Globalisation and Technology.

Both parents therefore found alternative partners. I learned over three decades later that my father had had an affair during his time as a prominent TM teacher! which, in retrospect, was unavoidable: that girl was the person he was supposed to have been with, all along. My mother, however, put up with the demands my father made to never tell anyone - this double-standard of being an "inspiring TM Teacher" yet having had an affair - for over fifteen years before the stress of living a lie caused her to black out whilst driving my younger siblings to school, and she realised that she had the right to make her own decisions. She found another partner (had two daughters - my step-sisters) and she is now with him again, happy with her life, and training as a Priest.

Aged 7, being placed at a Boarding School (1977-1983), in a parallel to Bill Gate's own life, Albrighton Boarding School had a computer: in this case, a Commodore Pet 3032. The first program I ever saw was "10 FOR I = 1 to 40 20 PRINT TAB(I), I 30 NEXT I 40 GOTO 10" and as the numbers 1 to 40 scrolled from left to right across the screen it seemed extremely obvious to me, and I began exploring and was quickly writing my own games.

My parents, bless them, encouraged me in this pursuit, after, at the Skelmersdale Village I ended up borrowing a ZX80 with a ZX81 "ROM Upgrade" from one of our neighbours for six months, they bought me a ZX-Spectrum when it first came out so that they could return our neighbour his rather expensive (and extremely rare at the time) purchase. There are only two programs (apart from three games in 1995) I've ever bought: one was for GBP 30 in 1982: an assembler for the ZX Spectrum, the other was a disassembler (IDA Pro, bought in 1996 for the Samba NT Domains Reverse-engineering that I was doing).

I typed in games from Byte Magazine, only to meet the author of those games - Simon - in 1996 at CB1 Cafe in Cambridge. Simon is famous for having written the world's first computer program to solve the Rubic's Cube, aged 12. As absolutely nobody actually had a computer in those days, he was invited by that early Byte Magazine to write both the questions and the answers from "Readers", as well as write many of the very same computer programs that I ended up typing in when four years younger than Simon himself.

Stonyhurst College (1983-1991) was where I continued to use the ZX Spectrum for a year (I ordered a sound card as a PCB and its constituent parts - again from Byte Magazine) and assembled it: it didn't work. Father Smith (one of the Jesuit Priests) very kindly debugged it, cutting tracks and working out that one of the ICs (a Quad NAND gate) actually needed to be a Quad NOR gate: once we'd fixed that it actually worked. We were probably about the only people in the entire world who ever got that 3-voice FM generator to actually make sound.

The Physics Dept had its own BBC Micro, a year later. Two years later Stonyhurst College had six BBC Micros in a lab. I ended up writing polyphonic music using ECONET to communicate between the machines, to create up to 18-voice melodies coming out of six sets of mono speakers. I wrote multi-player adventure games, and much more.

But in other aspects, my life was pretty much hell. I felt so out of place that the other students learned quickly that it was fun for them to make fun of me, and to laugh at the results. To this day there is a voice in my head that recurs sometimes several times a day with their taunts: I change the word to something positive, and repeat that phrase instead until it goes away.

I loved Rugby. I was actually good at it. I bought a pair of really nice Rugby boots. One of the other students borrowed the studs and I never played again. "Being good at something" - being successful at something - was not something that I was ever rewarded for, so I didn't actually try. If someone had ever measured my dopamine levels they would likely have been alarmed at the results, and would have recommended some really dangerous drugs, so it was probably best that they didn't.

Whilst at Stonyhurst College, I began to discover what back then was called "The Occult" but which later morphed through a phase cariacturised by the documentary "The Secret" and is now known under various names such as "Energy Work". Fascinatingly, part of my very early training involved inviting the four Angels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Auriel in to witness and protect: it was not until 2007 that I became aware that these Angels are real, and it was not until 2012 that I was reminded that they had always been a part of my life. Most people know of Michael by other names, such as "Christ" and "Jesus". It was highly ironic that the Jesuits did not like my early "Occult" training, despite the fact that Christ - their saviour - was the leading Angel guiding my life and training!

That training morphed over the years, but continued as I went to Imperial College

1988 - 1991

Imperial College was where I learned about "real" computers. I had logins on "real" machines running UNIX: HP/UX, SunOS 4.1.3. There were no PCs: Windows didn't exist. Linux didn't exist. It would be around 2003 before I met "Richard" at a UKUUG Conference, where he told me the story about a group of Military and Intelligence Operatives whom he was invited to advise as a Technical Consultant. These few people saw the danger of the cost of Windows being a major issue. Very few people remember the UNIX Wars, where elite companies like Apollo, Sun Microsystems with SunOS and then Solaris, IBM with AIX and HP vied for Military and business money to the tune of $USD 10,000 a time for a Unix Workstation with a 16 and then 30mhz processor, 16 Megabytes of RAM, and 20 Megabyte Winchester Hard Drives 18 inch in diameter. Along comes Windows at a paltry $300, or pre-bundled with the PC at only $2,000 (and dropping fast), with - and this is the important bit for the Military - absolute blatant disregard for security - and they're really really worried.

Not many people are aware that the NSA bans Windows outright on its premises. In 2006 I was shocked to discover that Microsoft had, several years prior, offered NC3A (NATO Research) a blanket site-wide (several thousand seats) license for Windows for only $USD 5 million, knowing full well that they would then be forced exclusively to use Microsoft crapware like Sharepoint, because once Software is "approved" in Military establishments, the cost of approving anything else is so high and so time-consuming that they just don't bother.

So this cross-nation, cross-organisation, security-minded and very forward-thinking group was tasked with thinking up how to get a "free" version of UNIX out there, so that they could then drop a "proper" security framework onto it, such that they could then create (and indirectly fund) "Support" Companies around that "free" OS, such that an alternative to the extremely dangerous and irresponsibly-profit-maximisingly-designed OS known as "Windows" could be replaced with something that is at least designed from the ground up to be open, reviewable, and thus at least fixable if you can find someone to pay to fix it. Thus they would arrange it so that there would always be a Company that for example U.S. Government Agencies and the rather large Corporations that are critical to the U.S. Economy could always turn to (and likewise there would be correspondingly one that European-based "interests" could rely on), to "fix" any problems that might arise as a result of them using this proposed but as-of-yet non-existent "free" version of UNIX.

So in this brain-storming session, they had heard of MINIX but it wasn't a suitable candidate, so one of them was tasked with "grooming" a suitable PhD student to create a "free" version of Unix. That individual found someone called "Linus", and the rest is history. I'm one of the few people who questions why Redhat's business model actually works. Which, if you look at it closely, should in no way have been as successful as it is, and still should not be successful today: no other Linux "support" company, historically has been. They've either all failed, or they're struggling desperately. I'm one of the few people who knows parts of the story as to why this really is. Richard, bless him, still tries to eke out a living as a technology journalist.

So despite learning a lot about computers, and scraping by with a 2-2, I still really didn't know what I was supposed to be doing. I got into some extremely strange company, completely lost and really not knowing what the hell I was doing. I did discover London Computer Auction Rooms Ltd and bought my first PC capable of running Virtual Memory: a 16mhz 386 with 4 mbytes of RAM. Running Windows for Workgroups the Virtual Memory was utterly wasted. Linux still didn't exist yet.

1991 - 1995

I went through a series of computing jobs. Atari was a place-holder, where I learned about SQL databases. Even Atari, the most famous Games and Music Company of all time, I worked out later that its Director, Jack Tramiel had been ordered by the Warner Brothers (yes, the American Mafia) to run the company into the ground. Stock that failed was sent back to China for repair and refurbishment and resold as new until there was finally none left. When I started there, there were 30 people (only a skeleton crew of about six were there a few years beforehand). By the time I left 18 months later to go to work for CEDAR Audio in Cambridge, there were only twelve of us left. The company, I learned, was shut down six months later. Commodore's demise was not far behind.

All this thanks to Bill's emerging dominance (which the EU and the US DoJ were coerced into dealing with, two decades later and two decades too late, using the reverse-engineering work that I pioneered in 1996 as justification). GEM DOS was far superior to Windows 1.0: nobody cared. Bill's deal with IBM, and the subsequent cloning (clean-room reverse-engineering) of the IBM PC by Compaq and then others was set on a course to destroy all competition. Tandy, the Jupiter Ace, the famous BBC Micro, the hilariously pompous and inept Clive Sinclair with the ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum, they all fell by the wayside, with only Alan Sugar from that early era being continuously sufficiently acute and financially adept with his flexible mindset to create alternative product ranges (computing "appliances") and keep his fortune, even today.

Interestingly, ARM's design ineptitude is something that very few people are aware of. The DEC Alpha was one of the most amazingly-designed chips ever to be built. It did not have a Floating-Point unit: its integer capability was so fast that it didn't need one. The "StrongARM" chip was made at the same foundry. It was, however, rubbish. It's amazing that ARM actually survived at all, to be sold recently for $USD 41 billion dollars. Aside from that very first chip, the ARM7, they have never actually designed their own processor: they've always bought other people's work, because they couldn't do it successfully, themselves.

So, through a series of computing jobs including with PI Technology (where the pattern for the next fifteen years of having a girlfriend only to have a colleague or friend "steal" her first began to emerge), I learned about something called "Samba". From there, I had enough money to buy half-decent computers: I pretended to be a student from Cambridge University (I looked like one so people would hold the gate-card-locked door open for me as I tail-gated them in to the Cambridge Computing Lab) and, after buying 100 1.4mb Floppy Disks, downloaded Slackware Linux 3.1 and installed it on a 500mb Hard Drive after buying an absolutely identical computer to the one at work in PI Technology. This was so that I could cycle 7 miles to work with the Hard Drive at around 7am, install it in the machine at work, work for two hours on reverse-engineering Windows NT network traffic until 9:30am, swap over to the "work" hard drive until 5pm, then at 5pm switch back to my personal Hard Drive, and work on Samba 1.9.15p8 for another five hours until they kicked me out at 10pm at night, then cycle 7 hours home, maybe work another hour or so at home: repeat that for about six months until my boss said, "well if you're here for 11 hours a day, why aren't you spending all that time on work for us??". Of course, I couldn't answer "because change is as good as a rest", because, well, he was my boss.

Samba was where I discovered Free Software, basically. Free (or better "Libre") Software is based on the combination of a strong ethical perspective as applied to technology. It requires both an ethical mindset and a fundamental grasp of computing - especially software but increasingly hardware design as well - to comprehend what Software Libre (the "Four Freedoms") are actually for. At this point in my life I didn't understand all that: I just knew that it "resonated" with me.

1997 to 2000

This was where I rose to prominence as a reverse-engineer, and really felt at home with Software Libre. Many people are unaware that my weight around 1996 dropped to about 63kg (I'm 6ft 1 tall), that I had RSI so bad that I had to use two hands to turn the key to get into my house, and I had to ask neighbours to open jars. 1997 was the beginning of a reversal of fortune. I'd bought two houses (and would buy six more before my father embezzled them all and frittered the money away). 1998 was when the public security reports from the reverse-engineering of Microsoft's flagship product (Windows NT) would reach Chris Rouland (then of Lehman Brothers). I flew to New York to accept a job offer, only for Chris to himself be recruited by Internet Security Systems. Chris was told that the only person he could take with him to ISS was me, so that's where I went.

ISS was great fun, but there were problems that only became truly apparent to the CEOs when, in a complete surprise to them, I left some 18 months later. My skating passion grew in Atlanta: I bought something like five different pairs of skates when I was there, but made fantastic friends. I joined APRR and we (illegally) street-skated in groups of up to around fifty people, and regularly did trips to Stone Mountain (about 60 miles round-trip). Having only been on skates by then for something like two years did four races, including two 15 mile ones, a 100km race around New York City's park, and the last one was Athens to Altanta (86 miles). I bought a red convertible 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra (310 Horsepower) as only my second car. I stole my friend's girlfriend, and my friend then stole her in turn. They're still married.


I know why I worked for Linuxcare (because I was encouraged to by the team leaders of Samba), but it was one of the worst experiences of my life. My "Boss" (who a few years later died from a head-on car collision on his bicycle) had no understanding of why I was there. The Finance Director it was later learned was making improper advances... to male employees (he was gay). Linuxcare burned through $USD 90 million of VC Funding in under 90 days. After experiencing the extreme thoroughness of Internet Security Systems in setting me up out of the Brussells Office and "assigning" me to work at the U.S. Office for 90 days whilst they worked on the H1B1 visa, Linuxcare's blatant negligance came as a total shock.

Only once I was twelve THOUSAND GBP in debt did the message FINALLY get through their thick heads that I actually needed to be PAID SOME DAMN MONEY (my property business required about 3,000 GBP per month to keep it afloat, at the time). They then "assigned" me to the UK Office (where I later learned that I was only one of the three actual real employees amongst the thirty or so utterly fake ones being run by the UK Director, who ended up in prison a year later) and were then able to (a) actually pay me temporarily and (b) "assign" me to the Australia Office whilst waiting for the Australian work permit to come through.

The mess that this caused did not go down well with the other people in the office. They couldn't understand what I was doing: Andrew Tridgell, over the course of the next few months, quickly learned that he was completely out of his depth not only to mentally deal with the enormous amount of code that I'd written, nor to understand the scope and scale of the three years prior work that I was ostensibly there to get him up to speed on, and neither could the other main contributor, Jeremy Allison. Andrew's reaction was to go into denial, and to treat me like a 19-year old illiterate computer graduate. By remaining silent and listening, I learned an extraordinary amount of low-level systems programming knowledge from him. It can however be said emphatically and unequivocably that he learned nothing from me. Some 20 years later, Samba can be said to be a complete failure of its full responsibilities to be a comprehensive replacement for Windows NT Servers.

This again has to be held in the context that, by rights, I simply should not have been in his life - or in the lives of any of the other Free Software people whom I encountered over the subsequent years - at all. The arrangement of the time and circumstances of my birth was a rush-job, to fix some very specific problems. I was happy where I was. Now, every person who is older than me, and many that are younger: my existence and presence in their lives is an imposition on their planned future. I cannot say that I was truly aware of this until I began to write this story.

2001 - 2006

On return from Linuxcare - where I had just spent 6 months during Australian Winter so was facing 18 months straight of dark and short days - I met the girl who was to become my wife until 2006. She was also my cousin. I was still doing interesting work across the world: my brother, Dan, whom had introduced me to CEDAR Audio way back in 1992, introduced me to some of his friends in Belgium, and I helped them out to create an automated Data Centre. I say "helped out": their Director was going through a rough time, and it affected everybody. He was one of those people who found it difficult to listen. The one time that I asked him not to interrupt me as I finished a sentence, he actually thanked me. I don't think he was aware that he would interrupt people before they'd completed what they wanted to say.

By this time I was beginning to become aware that my introduction into various workplaces would have an "accelerant" effect. That simply through my presence, things happen faster. Good people are encouraged by my presence and become more confident. Bad people tend to attack me without any justification, to such an extreme level that they (and sometimes just as importantly other people around them) become consciously aware of the detrimental effect that they're having on themselves and others. I'd like more of the former, but I tend to get more of the latter.

When I married in 2002, my income dropped from $USD 100,000 a year down to an average of $15,000. My wife, who was working for the family business (my uncle), was unable by way of being very much "in control", was unable to appreciate that in order for me to have a successful career, we needed to move to a Technology Town of some description (Cambridge, Oxford, London). Being in Banbury or Watford just wasn't going to cut it. After working on building sites for six months, I was lucky to receive a phone call offering me a position in High Wycombe with a Fabless Semiconductor Company. Much of how and why I was offered this job will have to wait, publicly, for about another forty to fifty years before it can be published.

But that's the old story. The one that I believed up until now. The true story is: I was healing some of the disruption caused by my introduction into these people's lives. My wife's former boyfriend used to hit her. with a belt. He also blackmailed her into leaving him the house that her business had paid for (outright), and he continues to live there with her (former) best friend. Following their breakup, her father managed to keep her alive by pretending to make food for himself then "forgetting" to eat it himself, so that she would take small bites.

I won't know the full story until the post-life review (again, see Journey of Souls), but what I do know is that by being in her life, I took the edge off of some of the pain that, possibly, possibly not, may have resulted from the disruptive introduction my unplanned time and place of birth caused. I do know that she's a slightly more stable and less messed-up person for having me in her life for five years, but I couldn't solve everything, and I had to move on, because it was literally killing me.


This was when I met Sarah McCrum, thanks to an introduction by my friend Dr Alex Hankey. This is a long story in itself, but I got a chance to go to China to meet an extremely powerful (actually two extremely powerful) energy healers: Aiping Wong and Master Ding. Aiping changed my life in ways that are still having ripples even today, but Master Ding did something amazing for me: for two incredible minutes she enabled my true energy field - completely unblocked - to shine fully and brightly enough so that I could feel it extending out around my entire body at least eighteen inches. It was the most beautiful feeling I've ever had: even Master Ding was impressed (which is difficult to do). The field collapsed after two minutes, and I miss it greatly. But, now I know what's possible and achievable. It inspires me to try to replicate it: I know what I'm aiming for.

Through Sarah and Aiping's help, I was able to recognise that, despite us having a five-month-old daughter at the time, my wife was never going to be anything other than selfish and self-centred. With the worst edges taken off her psyche, it was time to separate.

I also met Andrew, who introduced me to the idea that yes, I could make a difference. I also encountered Professor Muhammed Yunus's awe-inspiring book, "Creating a World without Poverty" - a book that changed my life. Again, it was another "resonance" point for me that I would understand more about, later, and would have a clear framework to explain to people in certain contexts why I am doing what I am doing.

2008 - 2011

I met my current partner: we have a beautiful daughter, aged 7. Bear in mind, again: my partner is older than me, so her formerly-planned and reclusive life is being - has been - disrupted as well by the intervention of my introduction to Earth. But here's the fascinating bit: it was through Aiping's and Master Ding's amazing healing work, which extended my energy field and strength for something like eighteen months after those brief five days in China, that people such as my current partner (and those accepting members of my spiritually-adopted family with the sole exception of my father, who fought to retain his ego - and his belief in his right to embezzle over a quarter of a million UK pounds from me) were influenced in ways that genuinely improved the quality of their lives. I have yet to fully understand the extent to which Aiping and Master Ding helped me so greatly, even though they themselves I don't believe fully understand it either: after all, again, we have to remember: I wasn't supposed to be on the list of people that they were to meet during their life!

As is quite common but not fully recognised, due to the lengthy physical recovery, my partner became extremely depressed after a haemorrage during our daughter's birth. It would be some six years before she really began to recover. I had actually encountered a similar occurrence to this before (in 2007, around the time that I went to China) where my neighbour in Den Haag was just emerging from a six year depression following the birth of her son. They divorced: my introduction into their lives (and the energy I received from Aiping's training) helped them to become aware of their differences. Luckily, my partner recognises that my contribution to our daughter's wellbeing is more important than anything else. I am truly grateful to her for that.

So, with my former wife having told the Solicitor that I was likely to kidnap and murder our daughter, such that she could justify a zero-payout divorce settlement, I was GBP 25,000 in debt, yet had a new family to find a home for and look after, yet I had absolutely no stable income, no stable job, and no real idea where I was going to get any money from. I had a vague plan that seemed to work, which was to find areas of technology (in software) that nobody else was working on, to combine other pieces of Software Libre in ways that nobody else had thought of, and thus to become the leading pioneer in a new field, but it was done without really understanding why I was doing it. There was no direction, yet I knew in my heart that I could not "go get a job". That, and the length of my c.v would have interviewers worried that i was actually going to end up replacing them taught me that "getting a job" was not going to be the answer. This was when I began to appreciate some of the integrity that I was required to keep, regarding money.

From Sarah's book, "Love Money: Money Loves You" I had been reminded of a former role as a "Money Bureacracy Delivery Angel" - a hilariously bizarre but entirely accurate description. There are two guest posts here and here that I wrote, which help explain. What I didn't explain at the time was that I lost some very dear friends to that job: they were Angels that literally went insane, their Soul integrity and personality that I loved utterly destroyed by their dedication to their job. The loss was too much for me: I had to quit. I will never forget them.

So with this experience - one that may be shocking to many to learn that there are real consequences in the Spirit Realm of wars, of women being sold as slaves, of the kinds of things that occur in real life as illustrated in the Jack Reacher Novel, "Make Me", by Lee Child and even worse degrading things than that - it should come as no surprise that i can NEVER take money from people who are not TRULY grateful for the service that I have provided for them.

Over the past twenty years, even before I knew of the book "Love Money: Money loves You", the times that I have tried to accept payment for work where people have not truly appreciated what I have done has only resulted in the termination - one way or the other - of the work.

In short: I recognise and fully appreciate that Money is "Potential Energy": it is an enabler, it is love, and that its physical representations (currencies such as Bitcoin, Dollars, Euros) only act as a conduit for that empowerment. Given that I have seen friends not just die but be warped and twisted into insanity handling some of humanity's toxic financial transactions, out of love and respect for their memory, I can only accept physical monetary currency transactions that are given out of gratitude and love.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I have been unable to accept Government money such as "Dole Money", "Social Benefits", "Welfare Benefits", "Housing Assistance" or anything like that. It should also come as no surprise that there has been a ten year impediment to my paying taxes in the UK, given that the UK Government helps to fund Arms dealing through its tax rebates, as well as funds the Criminal Cartel known as the European Union (no Chartered Accountancy Firm has signed off the EU's Accounts for over twenty years: the amount of money that's disappeared through $EUR 1m "grants" to "farms" is so enormous that they won't sign off the Accounts. Any organisation that operates without Audited Accounts is classified as an Organised Crime Syndicate. It is illegal to fund Organised Crime... therefore paying your taxes in any European Member State is actually a criminal offense!)

The context for mentioning this is that we went through a series of rented accommodation that really wasn't appropriate to bring up a family in, without having recourse to any kind of Government "Assistance", yet having an income less than $USD 15,000 per year. By various means and methods we managed to get by, but it wasn't a lot of fun. Yet throughout all of this I did my best to continue to explore the goals that I had set, as well as looking after my partner and our new daughter as best that I could.


Beginning during one of the most awkward times of my life, I began the computing project - the EOMA initiative - to change the way that people interact with computers. I had researched vehicles, and concluded that it would be easier to start with computers, where most of my life's focus has been. I was lucky to have been offered a job with Path Intelligence, which gave me just enough of a financial break to fund the development of the computing project. However, as it wasn't really quite ready at the time, events transpired to make sure that it didn't take off. Some important lessons were learned, most notably that it was imperative that I be directly in charge of this project until it's fully and clearly defined.


With the Crowd-funding successful and into the delivery phase, people are beginning to ask the important questions that lead me to have to clearly define exactly what the EOMA initiative - and its sub- initiative EOMA68 - is really and truly about. Despite having planned all of it in my head over the past five years, I still hadn't actually begun to write it down until last week. The sheer scope and scale was breathtaking and overwhelming, even to me.

This is the part where I need help, but even there, I am fully cognizant that it must remain under my direct control and authority until such time as the project is stable and has begun to reach mass-volume levels. This may take several more years: that's fine. In this case, it's better to take years to define and design something that's going to improve billions of people's lives for decades to come and get it right than it is to rush ahead (particularly in the name of the Priest Most High Named Profit) and get it wrong. That's been done before enough times: it's always caused more harm than good. The Bill of Ethics tells me in no uncertain terms that I do not have the luxury of even causing a reduction of one person's Truth, Love, Awareness or Creativity, as related to the Computing Appliances that I am designing.

The Future

I seek the improvement of people's lives with respect to technology, not just computers, but I will start there. No longer shall they be afraid or distressed to use a computer.

I seek a 90% reduction in the materials utilised to construct vehicles (80% of the environmental damage done by current vehicle designs is even before it leaves the sales lot), an 80% reduction in the energy consumption during a vehicle's useful life, a 95% reduction in its pollution, a 100% reduction (total elimination) in the detrimental health effects caused by vehicles, and a 95% recycling or re-use of a vehicle's parts at the end of its useful life. This to be in all forms of transportation, from bicycles to e-bikes to cars to buses and trains.

I seek the true knowledge and the spread of that true knowledge on the workings of the particles that make up our atoms, in terms that can easily be understood by Mathematicians and young scientists, right now. I desire the responsible utilisation of that knowledge to improve the lives of every human being on the planet (as opposed to abandoning those who live here: I'm talking to you, Elon).

I seek a Vaastu-designed purpose-built home for my family, amongst wise and practical people, within a thriving community that is dedicated to inalienable and inviolate self-protection, self-sustaining, the enjoyment of life for its own sake and at the same time having the time, funds and resources to make significant strategic contributions to the lives of others both in that community as well as in the wider world.

There are no regrets. I will achieve these things, or I will not. I will begin them and others will complete them, or I will not.

The 100 Angels

I love you. I will never forget you, even though so many of you are now irrevocably destroyed, your beautiful souls literally torn apart from the insanity of fulfilling human desires with infinite integrity. I will honour your memory, and the sacrifice that you made that not even humans, who believe that to give their life is the ultimate sacrifice, can never understand, and can never be asked to do. Noble humans give their lives: you gave your souls.

Those of you who made it here to Earth (both before and after 1970), this story has allowed me to review my life so that I can now recognise who you are, by the tell-tale signs of your own story. The adversity and loneliness; the stress and distress; your cheerfulness despite all odds; that you place ethical considerations above profit; that your story is one of rejection, confusion and resentment as you are viewed always, throughout your life, as an outsider and intruder.

I don't have all the answers: the story is still unfolding. But if you are reading this, I want you to know that you're not alone: you never were. We'll meet again, I promise.

2nd part of prompt 2

As with exactly the same corresponding "Part 2" of Prompt 1, in direct contrast to the story above, I will be curt and to the point. The response is the same: there is absolutely nothing that I would change. My life and the circumstances of my birth have already been so disruptive, and are already so complex that I have absolute no desire to review them again, nor have I got time for "recriminations", "regrets" or anything else that most people punish themselves with.

We did the review pre-birth: in consultation with a lot of people's Spirit Guides, this was the best that we could come up with. We bent the rules a lot on the "Viewing Room" as it was (cf: Journey of Souls). We bent a hell of a lot of rules period. It would be highly irresponsible of me to stop listening to my Higher Self - the part of me that is sort-of knowing what's going on and is in touch with the team of Organisers who are counting on me to do my part, keep to the plan as it unfolds, and to get on with it. Too many Angels have sacrificed their energy field integrity (I mean that literally) for me to fail the memory of their loving intensity and the joy that they used to bring to countless lives and beings, for me to just go and decide, in sheer arrogance, that I can "do what I please", ignore everything that we're doing, and change the narrative. I can't even contemplate the thought of doing so.

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A breathtaking description, Luke. That's all I want to say right now. I will come back.

Posted Sun Oct 9 03:23:00 2016's not essential to have read the books although it might help.

Posted Sun Oct 9 03:45:48 2016

lkcl-11oct2016 - thanks! yeah i reference michael's book as the most important, if it's a topic that's unfamiliar it's best to read it fully, but i reference it so many times it may be possible to understand simply from context: michael names things pretty clearly. the other books, they're ones that i've read along the way, which anchored me at various points.

here's the thing though: i had no idea what i was going to write until it was written (straight, in about 4 and a half hours). i'm learning as much from it as anyone else! although i was familiar with much of the material, it wasn't until the context of the disruptive-re-planning of other people's "live" lives became self-evident that i retrospectively was able to analyse pretty much my entire life, and my interactions with others.

it's like, "everything you thought you knew about your own life is completely wrong, here's why". how many people get that kind of chance to know that kind of thing before they die, ehn?

anonymous-12oct2016 - That's such a beautiful experience when it comes through so clear. That alone makes it worth showing up for Gamechangers GO, but who knows what more will emerge?

lkcl-13oct2016 - yeah, that's the amazing thing: i have no idea, and am really looking forward to it.

Posted Tue Oct 11 12:00:50 2016

Hi Luke -

Fascinating. It's good to learn more about you. I have two comments to your post.

  1. The essence of storytelling is not your content, it's what the reader takes away. So it's important to get into the state of the reader. What does he/she know already and what do you want them to take away? For example, you write that the reader needs to read these other books to fully understand what you're talking about. That's not very effective. Your job is to meet the reader where they are at and get them where you want to be. How can you tell your narrative so people without your knowledge can understand your story?
  2. Here's my second challenge to you: can you make your story more succinct? I'm wondering if you can focus it to get to its essential point. If you watch a movie, all the details in the script, all the dialogue, action etc, serve the central purpose. You have a central narrative theme, i.e.. your purpose. Can you tell your story so that your narrative goes to telling that purpose?

Best, Douglas

lkcl140ct2016 - hi douglas, thank you for this. the readers - the primary readers - are the 100 angels. they may never see this: that's okay. i am also one of the primary readers: i'm re-reading this story and it is as much for me as it is for anyone else. now, for everyone else, i appreciate the reminder that any story, even a novel, needs a summary. the story was written in the form of a novel (similar to that of Elizabeth Haich's "Initiation") - a good writer doesn't reveal everything all at once. but, in this case, after a few days having absorbed what i literally wrote on "automatic writing" for four and a half hours straight, yes i need to do a summary (one paragraph).

i get the distinct impression that these prompts really should be the basis for a self-published book, and have sort-of begun the process of writing accordingly. we should talk about that, more.

Posted Wed Oct 12 16:29:07 2016

Luke - I'm interested to know your views on whether your true purpose can be achieved through a highly profitable business? I don't know how much that is part of your own plan, but I'm fascinated by whether the two can be aligned, or if the pursuit of one would be at the sacrifice of the other.

lkcl15oct2016 - read professor yunus's book - in its entirety. short answer: yes, but in absolutely NO way is it EVER possible to combine ethics and profit-maximisation under a standard business using the standard "Articles of Incorporation". professor yunus explains it best (patiently, and with the authority of having been an extremely well-respected economics professor, trained at Harvard) but it is actually in effect ILLEGAL to prioritise ethics over profit when the Articles of Incorporation clearly state that profit-maximisation is the sole exclusive top priority! fortunately he also outlines a solution.

from "the other side of innovation" however i recognise that there is a place for "the efficiency engine" as it is referred to in that book, to work its magic when it comes to stable mass-production. in this context, at this task, "innovation" and "designed" are viewed as extreme disruptive interference and may not be tolerated. in the context of mass-production in china, per-unit royalties are viewed with suspicion as that provides far too much information (being a measure of the number of units sold, which is a company secret!), so it is much more appropriate to agree a one-off lump sum payment (completely unrelated to the anticipated sales). in the context of what i am doing, that may need to be ongoing yearly one-off payments, in order to carry out ongoing Certification Compliance against everybody else's devices. this Compliance work however does not require vast amounts of funding, nor is it necessary (or appropriate) to profit massively.

basically there are different roles (which i am beginning to outline in the specification: they include "designers" and "mass-volume manufacturers" and "recyclers" exactly as exists today) and with each role comes certain responsibilities, clearly-defined hard limits which they may not overstep, incentives and opportunities to profit, and guides on interactions with other roles... as appropriate for each specific and unique role.

Posted Thu Oct 13 04:12:02 2016

I received some amazingly insightful questions.


i asked someone, aged around 48 years old, one day, "tell me honestly: are you afraid to use a computer?" and they answered, wide-eyed with what can only be described as both surprise and relief, "why yes, i am!"

now, this state of affairs - in the year 2016 - simply should not be the case. it is OUTRAGEOUS that people should live their lives in fear of technology, for their bank account information to be stolen, personal pictures taken and posted publicly (regardless of whether they are a celebrity or not). they should not feel stressed or angered by the use of the devices that they feel COMPELLED to use (because through peer pressure they "cannot do without"). they should not be made to feel incompetent at living their lives if they choose to remain on older technology, or even choose not to use it at all.


in different ways, i feel that both the microsoft and the apple OSes are taking advantage of people. they've both been developed in ways that are designed to exploit people, because that's simply what commercial profit-maximising companies are designed to do: get people by absolutely any means possible (regardless of the psychological and health damage done as a result), get them hooked and trapped, and then get as much money out of them as can be achieved for as long as possibly can be achieved. that people PUT UP with this says a lot about them as is does about the success of the insidious and exploitative techniques being used to entrap them.

are there any redeeming qualities? if i said "yes" to either, the list of caveats that would need to be added would be so long as to make any such "qualities" completely pointless (and, in doing so, would have illustrated the point perfectly), namely that this is a perfect illustration of the Bill of Ethics: ethical ends may never be achieved by unethical means. in short: there are qualities in both, but they turn completely to ash in the context of the unethical means by which each company delivers and ensnares users.


i don't feel like i am on track with my work. the timescales are accelerating with every day that goes by where the U.S. Treasury continues its policy of deflating the U.S. dollar (the world's reserve currency) by allowing the Federal Reserve to blithely print out more and more money, hand over fist. Read Senator Ron Paul's book, "End the Fed", for the background material here, but bear in mind that the Libertarian Movement in the U.S. (look up the "Free State Project") is just one instance of how people are adapting through the use of Bitcoin and the development of crypto-currencies and Blockchain in general.

my primary concern is that China, with 1.4 billion people, may decide (and apparently this is actually apparently being seriously considered) to STOP hyper-inflating its currency in line with the U.S. Dollar. first signs of this will be that all the goods we buy from China will go up, world-wide, by a factor of two. then five. then ten. then fifty. then a hundred.

you pay $500 for that laptop, right now: would you pay $5,000 or $50,000 in real terms, right now, for exactly the same item? how about $100,000?

nobody would, would they? so... what do you think would happen to all the factories in China that depend on exports? they'd shut down, wouldn't they? you think China could keep its Citizens under control if a hundred to two hundred MILLION of them are suddenly out of work? what's the "normal" response to this? start a war, isn't it?

now imagine instead that computers are divided into two parts: an easy bit, and a hard bit. the easy bit is big and heavy and can be manufactured locally, because it's designed to be. the hard bit is tiny, weighs under 40 grammes, is a fully functioning computer and you can fit 40,000 of them into a single cubic metre of a shipping container.

the "hard" bit could be done by China (in deliberately labour-intensive ways that keeps lots and lots of people thoroughly occupied), and the "easy" bit could be done locally in 1st world automated factories to keep the costs down in the 1st world countries in which the hybrid products are sold.

the same thing goes for vehicles: the complex parts can be done abroad (and packed tightly into shipping containers) whilst the easy (larger) bits can be made locally, using 3D printers.

to get all this done and out the door, into mainstream awareness and actually into production, the thing is that the only definition of "on track" that actually matters is, "when it's actually shipping". i'm still at the preparation phase and i really, really need some help, both financially as well as actual willing hands who fully understand the significance and the urgency of the global economic situation that the incumbent "working-from-the-shadows" individuals are responsible for, and are prepared to throw a stake in the ground and say "ENOUGH. how do we FIX this so that we and our future families actually HAVE a future".

this, really, is why your questions are so valuable.

Posted Thu Oct 13 16:05:37 2016