lkcl-11oct2016 - thanks! yeah i reference michael's book as the most important, if it's a topic that's unfamiliar it's best to read it fully, but i reference it so many times it may be possible to understand simply from context: michael names things pretty clearly. the other books, they're ones that i've read along the way, which anchored me at various points.

here's the thing though: i had no idea what i was going to write until it was written (straight, in about 4 and a half hours). i'm learning as much from it as anyone else! although i was familiar with much of the material, it wasn't until the context of the disruptive-re-planning of other people's "live" lives became self-evident that i retrospectively was able to analyse pretty much my entire life, and my interactions with others.

it's like, "everything you thought you knew about your own life is completely wrong, here's why". how many people get that kind of chance to know that kind of thing before they die, ehn?

anonymous-12oct2016 - That's such a beautiful experience when it comes through so clear. That alone makes it worth showing up for Gamechangers GO, but who knows what more will emerge?

lkcl-13oct2016 - yeah, that's the amazing thing: i have no idea, and am really looking forward to it.