Joe's "Kintsukurio"

Joe, I am reminded of my beautiful daughter, Lilyana, aged two, who used to thump her head with the heel of her hand, repeatedly, to stop the pain that was clearly happening inside her head. I'm reminded as well of the feeling of grieving, of immense loss, having no way to know why: it was just the way that I felt... all of the time. That characterised most of the first thirty years of my life, and it wasn't until after I wrote my own story that I realised the full context (lkcl).

Also: I don't know if you're aware of this but in Ayurvedic Medicine, blood-letting is an age-old proven medical procedure, one which the stupid, stupid West has only recently woken up to, after the Victorian era's spate of total arrogance in condemning Ayurvedic Medicine as "barbaric" and cutting off the fingers of Indian Doctors found practicing what had been known to work for thousands of years (and they had the cheek to call Ayurvedic Medicine "barbaric").

You, like many youngsters who do not "pre-judge" their own actions, re-discovered that "pain inside goes away if you let some blood out". You felt like there was barbed wire running through your veins, didn't you? Well, that was because the pain of your own thoughts were producing toxins similar to snake venom, and by letting some of the blood out your body's organs got some relief, went into overdrive to create new white and red blood cells, free from toxins until the next set of toxic thoughts hit you... which, ironically, probably now included guilt from considering that you were doing "self-harm". So ridiculous, the self-judgement, isn't it? :)

There was a lady who did blood tests and spectrographs of saliva after deliberately making herself feel various things like anger, vengeance, guilt and so on. She was utterly shocked to find that her body had literally produced toxins with chemical formulae similar to snake venom. She concluded, quite bluntly and obviously, that her own thoughts were literally poisoning her.

Now, here's the thing: if you read Michael Newton's book, "Journey of Souls", you will be able to be at peace with your early life, from recognising that there is not a single thing that has happened to you (or is happening to you, or going to happen to you) which you yourself did not already agree to, in advance. That your life has and will always be part of your own loving recognition and respect for yourself and those who agreed to work with you, in this lifetime, to put you where you are now and for your soul to develop and strengthen in the very very specific areas that you and your deepest and closest soulmates have already agreed to experience.

There is nothing wrong.

You didn't do anything wrong.

Nobody in your family did anything wrong.

Accept that in your heart and you will know peace - more than you have ever felt in your life. More beautiful even than the golden pottery that has been lovingly formed from your life experience.