Prompt 3.


In this prompt, thanks to Tom and Stephanie, I was reminded of two key things. The first: that the knowledge and legacy of my time(s) off Earth is (mostly) currently witheld from me (as it is for most Souls), that it contains all the research and memories of my friends and co-researchers, even those whose souls are irrevocably torn apart, and furthermore that by living wholly in integrity and peace I will regain full access to that knowledge. Dis-Integrity in fulfilling my purpose is therefore not an option for me, as it would result in the loss of that knowledge.

The second - thanks to Tom - that living consciously and with awareness in every moment, we have room to listen to the wisdom of our body. The grief and incandescent rage that I've experienced at the permanent destruction of my friends, in combination with having experienced different existences that do not require sleep, and can create matter literally through the power of thought, has been a constant burden and frustration that has resulted in cumulative long-term damage to my body.

This poem - written before the above discussion that revealed the above insights - is therefore dedicated to my friends. In their memory, I will not be providing an opportunity for comments, as there is nothing that needs to be said or that anyone on Earth could publicly say that could bring them back, or could contribute to their memory. More than that: the normal human expressions of sympathy are completely inappropriate. Simply being present - in silent witness - is enough.

In memory of those who are forever lost.

I've been in times before, with the love that never died.
And stole the hearts of thousands for a life that never cried
Whilst the shadows left their mark upon the souls of those who lived,
I blessed the countless years in which my tears had never dried.

So many lives and loves were lost for the
        souls who held to truth and love.
So many mountains worn to dust so that
        we could live in integrity.
When will we learn that our lives are more than
        pawns for the powers above?
When will we see the day that our friends can
        live without harm from humanity?

Please God.  Let That Be Now.